Providing a high quality service which satisfies all customers

Our aim is to:

1. be seen as a friendly, approachable organization which is empathetic, supportive and accessible
2. be trusted by our customers to always provide accurate and timely information and advice
3. be accomplished and professional in everything we do in delivering the complete service
4. be knowledgeable and well informed so that we are able to efficiently and effectively meet the needs of our customers
5. be reliable, honest, dependable and consistent so that our customers can have confidence in our service

To achieve this we will:

1. provide well trained, easily identifiable staff
2. provide all our customers with clear, accessible information
3. put into operation efficient and cost effective systems and processes
4. train our staff to listen carefully, to give clear explanations, to be courteous and helpful, and to treat you with respect always consider new ways to improve our services, and welcome any comments you would like to make to help us achieve this aim
5. ensure that if a complaint does arise, it is dealt with promptly, openly and fairly and an apology is issued if we make a mistake
6. be sensitive to special needs.

You can help us by:

1. having information we might need ready, such as your Personal ID, when you phone us
2. giving full and accurate information
3. providing us with your institution code and relevant system information
4. contacting the correct department ( )
5. treating our staff with respect
6. letting us know how we can improve our services ( ) – you will not receive a response to your email
7. asking us to explain anything of which you are not sure.